Mission Statement

The Arc of Madison Cortland provides leadership in the field of disabilities, supporting people in every manner possible, and developing the necessary human and financial resources to allow all members of our community to achieve their potential.

Guiding Principles

The Arc of Madison Cortland's sole purpose lies in the support of people with special needs…
People Come First
At The Arc of Madison Cortland, all people are valued and productive members of society and must be treated with dignity and respect… 
We Respect Each Other
The Arc of Madison Cortland constantly adapts to the unique and varying needs of each individual…
We Encourage Creativity
At The Arc of Madison Cortland, growth is a life-long process and hope for the future is vital to that growth…
We Never Stop Learning
The Arc of Madison Cortland contributes to and receives from our 
public resources…
We Are A Part Of The Community
At The Arc of Madison Cortland, people are supported, appreciated, and aware that everyone's role is important…
We Are A Team

Our History

January 2001, Madison County ARC and The Arc of Cortland County merged to become Madison Cortland ARC. The Arc of Cortland County was founded in 1966 and Madison County ARC in 1968. Both agencies were founded by a group of parents who were concerned about their children with developmental disabilities. Those parents fought for services for all children with disabilities and they were pioneers paving the way for services in New York State.

In 2014, Madison Cortland ARC entered into a trademark agreement with The Arc US and became The Arc of Madison Cortland.  The Arc of Madison Cortland is a chapter member of NYSARC, Inc.

The Arc of  Madison Cortland is a strong parent/family based organization. In fact, two-thirds of the Board of Directors are relatives of a person with a developmental disability. They offer their unique experiences to ensure the best quality of support and services The Arc can provide.

Vision Statement


Encouraging students to seek higher education in the field of disabilities.

Assisting families to learn about disability.

Informing the community about issues and services relating to developmental disabilities. 


Encouraging and assisting individuals in securing and protecting their rights as citizens.

Encouraging and assisting families in securing quality services for their family member.

Encouraging and assisting organizations to provide equal opportunity to all.

Collecting and disseminating information concerning developmental disabilities.

Inclusion in all aspects of community life: education, residential, employment, healthcare, volunteerism, worship and recreation.

Encouraging independence and choice in decisions affecting the lives of people with developmental disabilities.

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