AVS - Alternatives Vocational Services

AVS - Alternatives Vocational Services

Assisting with Job Placement

Alternatives Vocational Services (AVS) helps people with disabilities to find and keep jobs. AVS provides job development, job coaching and follow-along services, allowing individuals to experience increased wages, greater independence, and the satisfaction that comes from holding a job. AVS currently works with more than 40 employers and 100 individuals throughout the area, and is always adding more to the list.

For more information, contact Jim Thompson at (315) 363-3315 ext. 5110 or jim.thompson@arcofmc.org.

2016 - Kinney Drugs in Chittenango

Previous Years
Crouse Community Center in Morrisville - Employer of the Year 2015
Emeritus at East Side Manor - Employer of the Year 2014
SODEXCO- Employer of the Year 2013
WSYR News Channel 9- Employer of the Year 2012

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