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Alternatives Vocational Services
AVS helps individuals with a wide array of disabilities, overcome barriers and find competitive employment in the community.

In addition to hiring good people, getting job coaching on site, etc, we can help set employers up with the following (for people who are eligible):
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC):
    credit for up to 40% of the employee's first $6000 in wages, up to $2400 max
  • Workers with Disabilities Employment Tax Credit (WETC):
    kicks in the year after the WOTC, and credits up to 35% of first $6000, with a max of $2100
  • Work Try Out (WTO):
    ACCES-VR will reimburse the employer for the first 160 hours or 8 weeks (whichever comes first) of the employee's wages - this is to provide extra time for training, etc
  • On the Job Training (OJT):
    for more highly skilled jobs, ACCES-VR may reimburse employers for up to  6 months of wages so that the employer can schedule someone to do hands on training, etc.
AVS Offers:
  • Careful matching of individuals skills and interests to specific jobs
  • Pre-screening of candidates to ensure that all potential applicants are work ready
  • On-site coaching as the new employee is trained into the job, and ongoing support visits for as long as they are needed
  • High retention rates: 25% of workers in same job for 5+ years, 16% for 10+ years, 10% for 20+ years.
  • Access to a network of motivated, hard working employees ready and willing to start
AVS works for Employers

Our focus on employer and employee job matching is a proven strategy. Our record speaks for itself by producing very high job retention rates with our job placement methods. Tell us what you need and we will go to work for you!

Employers are provided with motivated, hard-working employees, and the person seeking a job opportunity is given a chance to become gainfully employed. Employment Specialists are available for on the job support.
Contact Jim Thompson today to get started!
Email: jim.thompson@arcofmc.org
Phone:315-363-3389 ext 5110
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