AVS job seekers

Alternatives Vocational Services
AVS helps individuals with a wide array of disabilities, overcome barriers and find competitive employment in the community.

We can help job seekers with the following (for people who are eligible):
  • Individualized intake and assessment
  • Careful matching of individual skills and interests
  • Resume development and increased interviewing skills
  • Employment specialists who provide on-site training and coaching
  • Linkage and referral to Arc of Madison Cortland programs and community resources
  • Access to a wide network of employers with whom AVS has established a long term relationship
AVS Offers:
  • Careful matching of individuals skills and interests to specific jobs
  • On-site coaching as the new employee is trained into the job, and ongoing support visits for as long as they are needed
  • High retention rates: 25% of workers in same job for 5+ years, 16% for 10+ years, 10% for 20+ years.
  • Access to a network of motivated, hard working employees ready and willing to start
AVS works for Job Seekers

Our focus on employer and employee job matching is a proven strategy. Our record speaks for itself by producing very high job retention rates with our job placement methods. Tell us what you need and we will go to work for you!

The job seeker is given a chance to become gainfully employed. AVS employment specialists are available to work with the employee on any shift, night or day, on weekends and holidays within Madison, Oneida and Onondoga counties, if needed.
Contact Jim Thompson today to get started!
Email: jim.thompson@arcofmc.org
Phone:315-363-3389 ext 5110
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