Complaint Form

The Arc of Madison Cortland
Complaint Form and Process

It is the policy of The Arc of Madison Cortland that the opportunity to be heard and understood is vital for all people who we support, as well as their families and friends. We view complaints as opportunities to understand and improve our service delivery system. We pledge that all complaints will be handled courteously, swiftly, objectively, and fairly, with appropriate confidentiality.  

Where possible, complaints are best handled by people at the point of service delivery. When issues are not able to be resolved quickly and easily, and to the satisfaction of all, this formal complaint process may be initiated.

Please use the form below to initiate the complaint process. The completed form may be mailed, emailed, or hand-delivered. It will be addressed within five business days of receipt. The form is also available on the agency website. 

Complaint Form

Phone Call
Written Response
In-person Meeting
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