Guardianship Program/Services

Guardianship Programs/Services

Protect Your Loved One

What is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal proceeding in county Surrogate Court which designates a parent, relative, friend/advocate or an organization act on behalf of an individual with a developmental disability if they are incapable of managing his/her own personal affairs without assistance.

After a person reaches 18 years of age he/she is assumed to be a legally competent adult and able to manage his/her own affairs, Guardianship is a lifelong commitment to guide support and step in when it is in the best interest of the person with a disability.

Typical Reasons to Consider Guardianship

  • Planning for future needs of the individual
  • Decisions about medical care and treatment 
  • Concern about decisions made regarding quality of life ( ex. living arrangements, social, vocational and financial needs)
To be able to appoint a standby guardian and alternate standby guardian to step into the Guardians shoes when they are no longer able act on behalf of the individual( sickness, incapacity, death, etc.) This gives peace of mind to the Guardian that there will always be someone to look after their child/sibling, even if they themselves are no longer able to do so.

Call Guardianship experts to help answer your questions:

Madison County:  Karen Stace, 701 Lenox Ave., Oneida (315) 363-3389

Cortland County:  Aaron Hammond, 16 Crawford St, Cortland. (607) 756-2015
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