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In his professional life with OneGroup insurance, Brian Hurley has worked with more than 20 NYSARC chapters. However, it was a personal experience that led him to see first-hand the importance of having passion, commitment, and love for individuals with disabilities.

Brian became exposed to The Arc Madison Cortland in a more comprehensive way after he and his wife, Laurie, received news that their eldest daughter might be born with Down Syndrome. Knowing The Arc’s mission, he gained further familiarity with the work of the staff, the quality of life for individuals, and the organization’s involvement in the community. Though his daughter’s initial prognosis did not turn out to be accurate, having that experience opened his eyes to what other families can face in terms of having children with I/DDs.


“My opportunity to meet so many self-advocates and see how powerful and compelling their stories are is something you can’t beat,” describes Brian. “They help open the eyes of people who may not appreciate how special all these folks are.”


After that time, Brian became not only an advocate of The Arc, but also a donor, foundation board member, and now serves on the board of directors. He has continuously recognized the importance of generosity in terms of keeping the chapter going. Additionally, after seeing the aftermath of many mental health facilities being closed in New York State, he understands that The Arc Madison Cortland cannot fall to the same fate.


“I see Madison Cortland as one of the leading chapters in the state,” says Brian. “Putting in policies and procedures that ensure the stability and longevity of the chapter means The Arc Madison Cortland will survive!”

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