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Since 1987, Alberta Dawley has been receiving services and support from The Arc Madison Cortland. Currently, she resides in an Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) home where she and her housemates relish spending time together and going on community outings.


The quiet home, located in Oneida, is a place where the dedicated staff spend each day caring for the housemates, promoting independence, helping to build life skills, and encouraging involvement in the community.

Alberta considers her housemates and the staff who support them to be some of her best friends, playing Phase 10 or watching TV in the evenings, grilling steak, hamburgers, and hotdogs on the weekends, and taking day trips to the beach, parks, and other local points of interest.

Outside of her home, Alberta enjoys her job at John Froass & Son furniture store in Sherill, where she cleans furniture and is able to meet new people.


She also taps into her philanthropic side in her work with the Madison County Motivators. The local advocacy group is one of the largest in New York State, and are motivated in providing educational opportunities to individuals with disabilities.


“You can stick up for yourself and speak up,” says Alberta, referencing the impact the Motivators make.


After work, Alberta enjoys playing cards or games on her laptop, watching her favorite television series, Pitbulls and Parolees, or taking a walk to the park to swing and spend time outdoors. She is also an avid sports fan, and loves watching the New York Giants, NASCAR, and Yankees baseball.

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