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Frank Kilgore has been a part of The Arc Madison Cortland for more than 25 years. In that time, he has lived in an Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) home and worked at Alternative Industries in Oneida.


Alternative Industries, a branch of the agency's Integrated Business enterprise, employs individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to manufacturing positions. The business focuses on supporting employees in achieving vocational abilities and career satisfaction.  


At work, Frank performs piece work – putting together a variety of different items including furniture, packaging, and mechanical assembly. He loves earning a paycheck and learning new skills, while also having weekends and holidays off.

When he’s not working, Frank can be found relaxing at home with his housemates. He loves shopping, bowling, football, scary movies, and attending live sporting events with his friends.


Frank also enjoys his neighborhood, and that his house is located close to his family. He maintains a tightknit relationship with all of his family members, spending quality time celebrating holidays, as well as barbecuing and swimming in the summertime.


Additionally, he is an active member of local advocacy group, the Madison County Motivators. The group venture to both local and regional conferences and workshops to learn more about self-direction and advocacy. With the Motivators, Frank feels he is able to speak up for himself, while also helping others.


Frank cherishes The Arc Madison Cortland and its dedicated staff for helping him save money, providing a comfortable place to live, and taking him on exciting trips. His hope for his future with the agency is to “one day retire and live peacefully.”

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