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Tim Cook grew up in the picturesque village of Cazenovia before settling into a cozy Individualized Residential Alternative (IRA) home in Madison more than 20 years ago.

In his home, Tim spends time relaxing with his housemates, participating in telemedicine appointments with his physicians, and taking trips within the community with The Arc Madison Cortland staff. One of his favorite weekly trips is Saturday afternoons at Kinney’s, where he fills up on snacks and treats for the workweek to come.


Monday through Thursday during the dinner rush, Tim can be found in the campus cafeteria kitchen of Colgate University, where he is a dishwasher for the college. He enjoys the experience of working and time spent with his job coach who he feels helps him succeed.

"I don't mind the money and I like my job coach, Charlie," says Tim. "He helps me get my work done."

Outside of work, Tim has a fervent passion for music. He grew up listening to various bands, but it wasn’t until he began watching them perform in music videos that he expressed an interest in learning how to play the guitar himself. Now an amateur musician in his own right, Tim is able to play popular heavy metal tunes, especially those by his favorite band, RATT.


In addition to work and music, The Arc Madison Cortland has also given Tim the opportunity to bond with his peers. He met Frank Kilgore through the agency and the two became fast friends through their shared love of NASCAR. Each year, the duo save up money and plan a weekend trip to the Poconos to watch live NASCAR races and purchase souvenirs. Tim covets these trips and looks forward to them for many years to come.

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